Nature Neutral offers environmentally preferable products and building supplies for construction, renovation and everyday living. We believe our alternative building materials offer the best combination of quality, safety, and affordability to make your home or business healthier and more environmentally friendly for everyone who lives or works there.

Whether you need green building supplies for home renovation, home building, commercial construction, LEED certification or industrial applications we can help you create a healthier and safer environment both inside and outside because our environmentally preferable products are all made with non-toxic or less toxic substances:

  • Alpen HPP fiberglass windows have superior energy performance and are used by customers who need beauty and high energy saving performance.
  • Low Odor paint, low VOC Paint and zero VOC paint (with zero VOC tints), as well as Stains and Sealers from AFM Safecoat® and Mythic Paint.
  • Flooring from sustainable natural materials like Bamboo, Cork, Linoleum and Hardwood.
  • Natural carpet made of undyed wool and free of harsh chemicals.
  • Green cleaning supplies from AFM SafeChoiceâ„¢
  • Cotton Insulation that is VOC free, formaldehyde free and contains no phenolic resins.

Persons with asthma, allergies, who are chemically sensitive, or who have other health problems related to indoor air quality may benefit significantly from our products.