Who we are...

Our Story

Nature Neutral was founded to serve persons interested in using environmentally preferable products to build, renovate or simply do a project like painting a room. Whether your concern is chemical sensitivities, allergies, a better environment, or avoiding the smell or headaches that come with ordinary materials, our products are designed to help meet your needs and create a healthier environment both inside and outside your home or workplace.

Researching products and manufacturers, verifying the quality of their products and finding suppliers where you can make a purchase is difficult and time consuming. We have done the homework for you on finding quality materials that are healthier and safer. Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop shop for these products.

How We Select Our Products

In selecting a product we use the following criteria:

Health - Is it healthier and safer than similar traditional products?
Quality - Does it perform as well as or better than similar products?
Price - Is it an affordable solution for our customers?
Bottom Line - Would we use it in our home or workplace?

Only after we are satisfied that a product successfully meets all the above requirements do we offer it to our customers.

Knowledgeable product support

Many hardware stores or home centers offer items that are labeled as 'environmentally friendly' but often times the sales person has little or no knowledge of the product or how to use it. (For example, paint may be labeled as VOC free, but if it is tinted with traditional colorants you are making the paint more toxic because the colorants have VOCs). When we offer a product we have asked the manufacturer what steps it has taken to make the product less toxic.

Conveniently serving the Eastern United States

Located in Charlottesville, VA, we are one of the few companies east of the Mississippi River that specializes in environmentally preferable building and renovation products. That means we can ship items to you more quickly and economically.